Failed to load DOM Document

So I had to make a shiny export in one of my project. 
I used laravel-excel, as usual, this time I wanted to manipulate the view, so went with the FromView option 💪

The thing is, that this error message just occured 🤯

Failed to load ..../storage/framework/cache/laravel-excel/laravel-excel-8lspGG64fgmF9TsDybO36s1uvhkDq3VP.html as a DOM Document

Of course, I stripped html tags, decoded html entities, but the error was still occured...
I found that this is a PhpOffice error, and you can solve it if you do everything well ( don't let html content, close every tag, etc), but not this time.

So in this case, when nothing works, here is a solution 🥁:

Add this line to the export class, and you are good to go:


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