# Working on

  1. Senior Backend Developer @ WebOrigo

    Making the same as before, just make it in more hours / week.
    Beside developing, be a part of the Laravel interview crew, improving inside workflows, mentoring developers.

  2. Backend developer @ WebOrigo

    I'm glad they found me.
    For a few hours per week we can work together on exciting projects.

  3. Full Stack developer & Project manager @ 23MSG

    Same as Agrohof, the CEO just launched this agency, so we can work for external partners.

  4. Full Stack developer & Project manager @ AgroHof

    Here I could work on internal systems which needed to connect external services via API.
    This company is really a fast growing, which needed more development and changes than I met in my previous work.
    As a project manager I had to manage the whole media team's work.
    Provide the right direction to every specialist in the team, to get the projects in the current scope & right direction.

  5. CEO @ Own Business

    Web development projects based on user requirements.
    API development for services like payment, billing, chat integrations.

  6. ICT advisor @ MKIK

    My main job here was to negotiate with Hungarian business leaders.
    Getting to know their business and then suggesting IT improvements in those areas where they these improvements could manage huge impact.
    I visited more than 500 different companies during this period.
    I was able to develop my negotiating skills, learn about the specificities of each area and the enterprise software market also.

  7. System Administrator

    I had to manage here 2 servers 50 PCs and about 30 laptop.
    I was really proud of, to revive the complete network setup in a more modernized way.

    Long story short:
    The Debian server which provided LDAP authentication, samba and local mail was crashed nearly after I came there.
    We had the files, but not the server setup & config. Another problem that the debian & program versions was so old, new LDAP schema came out.
    So I could install an old version of everything & continue the sh*tty job, or make a good work.

    Thanks for my curiosity, I made it happen, moreover I could load the old data back which was a really important part of this project!

# Study

  1. Lifelong learning

    I never stopped learning.
    Sadly for my wallet I always buy new courses in which topics I'm interested in.
    I'm not only addicted to paid courses, but for free tips & tricks also. This is why I ❤️ Twitter.
    This is how I became affected with Laravel, docker, serverless technologies, and so on.

  2. Graduating as a Technical Vocational Instructor - Specialisation in Computer Science

    These time really helped me in boosting my presentation and pedagogical skills.
    Here I could extend my IT knowledge with basic programming in the following topics: html, css, database (mysql), php.

  3. Graduating as a System Administrator

    Here we really focused on creating & maintaining SOHO environments.
    Deeply focused on linux environment & networking.
    Thanks for this time and my curiosity, this is why I feel comfortable around tweaking VPS & domain names.

  4. Graduation from High School

    My path here was mainly focused on developing my english knowledge.

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